View Full Version : How Do - its been a while.....

19-01-2011, 21:24
Hello all! How's everbody doing? not been on here for ages. As i've not been out on a club ride for a while will i be expected to complete a newbie ride to regain my membership hehehehe
Can someone please let me know who i pay my tenner to so i can become an offical member once again.
Think me and Al Ready are doing Snowdon on Sunday if anyone's up for it
See you all very soon

19-01-2011, 21:47
welcome back mark you haven,t really been away just in another league to us mere mortals:bow:

20-01-2011, 10:34
Yes newbie ride deffinately required.

Only joking, if you are at Chester services at 8:00 am on Sunday, i'll take your membership money then.