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23-02-2011, 20:52
Hey Guys

Iam Steve - altho most people know me as Ashe - its easier and there are always too many Steve's on a ride....

Iam 42 yrs young and live local to Delamere Forest

Having had some time off riding due to an injury and some time in hospital - I started riding again last February and have been riding as much as possible each week since

I also qualified last year as a MIAS Level 2 Coach and Instructor

I have put an application in to join the club so hope you will accept and that we can get some rides out together


Ashe :thumbz:

23-02-2011, 20:55

23-02-2011, 22:14
Welcome Matey.

nobby the sheep
23-02-2011, 22:27
welcome ,please dont tell us you ride a orange of the boingy variaty :lol:

23-02-2011, 22:30
Welcome mate hope to see youbout soon

Eric A
23-02-2011, 22:32
Welcome Ashe, Matt was due out with us at the weekend be we heard about his sad loss so hope he can join us soon. If youv've been out with Geordie Mick, and he can vouch for your fitness etc then no need to go on a newbie ride. Members are allowed to vouch for people they know and have ridden with, keeping the newbie rides available for those who we don't know already. Good to see your Mias 2, 6 of the club members have been trained through funding we acquired a few years ago and I think Jay who joined us last year is also trained so the more the merrier.

Hope to see you guys out soon.
Eric (Clone)

Geordie Mick
23-02-2011, 23:03
welcome ,please dont tell us you ride a orange of the boingy variaty :lol:

Nope, he's one of your brethren Nobby, has a Cotic in his armoury..

Geordie Mick
23-02-2011, 23:05
Eric I can vouch for Ashe, no problems meeting our standards at all..

24-02-2011, 08:53
Good morning guys

thanks for the posts and comments - and thanks Mic

we are hoping Matt will be back to work next week - and hopefully riding again soon - but obviously he has some family stuff to sort out at the moment

I have an orange coloured Cotic Soul amongst my steads - but not one of those bouncy things from Yorkshire....

altho sorely tempted to join Mic in the big wheelers - might have to borrow Mics for a day first - hint hint

anyway - hope to see you all soon guys for a ride


28-02-2011, 16:07
welcome Ashe - small world ;-)

28-02-2011, 17:21
Welcome Ashe