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18-03-2011, 08:48
Hi guys, my name is David, but I'm better known as Taz. I've been riding on and off for about 4 years now and have started getting really into it over the past few months with a friend and we came accross your site so thought I'd pop in and say hello. I'm really enjoying riding anywhere and everywhere at the moment and am looking to get more serious about it which is why I'm considering joining The Woollybacks, I won't be applying for a good few months as I would like to do a bit more training to get up to scratch and get some more equipment together but thought I'd get myself on the boards so people start to recognise my tag. I'm hopefully looking at joining a newbie ride/ncr ride around May/June time and hopefully I'll be up to the Woollyback standard, only time will tell I suppose.

Anyways, this appears to be the longest introduction ever, but hopefully I'll be riding with you all in a few months

18-03-2011, 09:08
Hi Taz welcome.

If you like to go out on rides, there are plently of NCR rides *non club rides*. These get posted up by any members and you can freely join any of them. Just need to get your name down.
Newbie rides as you may of seen jsut to see fitness and tech, and see what we do. You dont have to jump on to the frist club ride after tat, jsut work your way up.
You also get to see the hand bags and banter on the other side.


Eric A
18-03-2011, 09:12
Welcome mate, look forward to seeing you out on a newbie ride. Don't put it off for too long as you'll never know where your fitness and standard is at so suggest you get on a newbie ride as soon as you have your kit together. If after newbie ride you feel you still need to up the fitness then you can access all the NCR Non Club Rides posted (several each week) to help build the fitness up.
Eric (Clone)

18-03-2011, 09:29
Hi Taz,

Yeah, newbie asap, then train like mad (wot I did.... :bike: )

18-03-2011, 10:28
hi Taz, i am a newbie as well. the ncr rides are perfect mate. you just tag onto 1 of them. i have been out a couple of times with members and you will find out pretty quickly if your fitness/skills level is upto it. i would think a couple of hours up and down them hills in skem would have you fit for purpose so just keep your eye out on the forum later. i am planning to get on the april newbie as i miss this weekend due to riding in the lakes

18-03-2011, 15:02
Hi Taz, I'm a Newbie also, on my first official ride tomorrow. I'm also from Sunny Skem so hope to meet you at this club one day or more local round these neck-of-woods. I ride a GIANT so hope to bump into you soon (not literally though!). John.

18-03-2011, 16:46
Thanks guys for your words of wisdom, I'll keep my eye out for an NCR I can make it to and show my face and no doubt keep whoever's at the back company haha. I'm going to Rivington Pike early tomorrow morning with a few guys from work so I'll see how I get on there.

I'm also from Sunny Skem

Cool John yeah probably end up going on a few rides together and maybe organise some stuff more local to us just all depends when I'm free.

Hopefully see you all pretty soon then, anyways I'm off out for a quick ride before I go see the missus before the sun goes, hope it's this nice for Rivi tomorrow

Woollyback Paul
18-03-2011, 22:38
Welcome on board taz.

Get yourself on the newbie ride soon as mate, I've been a member since jan and it's a cracking club, always a few shorter non club rides going on if u don't feel quite up to the 4hr club rides.


Carlos McTavish
18-03-2011, 23:39
Hi Taz, if you are tackling Rivvi you may be better than you think. I know what the back of the pack is like and with the Woollys, you get support, wisdom and some proper banter.
Anyhow, let's see you out there - welcome.

19-03-2011, 15:16