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18-05-2011, 11:04
Hey everyone! Stumbled across this site whilst looking for mtb info for the North West, must say, great site!

I currently reside in Dubai, been here 5 months and i hate the place! ;) so i am coming home! Home being Manchester! Before i came out here, i was a very keen road cyclist (guessing this is a dirty word around these parts!!! :shutup:) but now i am looking to broaden my horizons! Im looking to get involved in getting off the road and having some fun! I dont currently own a mtb, hence why im looking around at sites for advice etc! But i will still be hitting the tarmac!

I definately wont be fit enough to get out on clubs rides immediately, but i am hoping to be able to build up a level of fitness and confidence to maybe eventually join!

Anyways, enough from me for now.....though i may well be posting again for some advice one bikes!



18-05-2011, 11:12
Welcome :ok:

If you can ride a bike then you're fit enough to get out.
Lots of Non Club Rides to ease you into it.

18-05-2011, 11:44
Zog - welcome to the site and DO IT - get off road and enjoy it

You will find lots of advice here on bikes, routes etc - some are a knowledgeable bunch - and check out the classifieds for bikes/kit/items for sale - lots of nice items and bargains often being posted


18-05-2011, 12:13
Cheers guys! I plan to have my bike ready for when i arrive back in August! I mean....going from 50 degree heat and a beach to around 20 degrees and some off-road riding...who wouldnt enjoy it!

This (http://www.evanscycles.com/products/kona/steely-2011-mountain-bike-ec026543#reviews) is the bike i have got my eyes on ordering! I know which size i need due to trying a couple of bikes out here. All be it....sat in the store on them. What are peoples thoughts on it? Good to get going with? Anything better for the money?

18-05-2011, 12:40

the Kona is an ok bike - the forks are a bit basic - depends what length travel you intend to run them at - if you lower the travel then it might affect the handling

the rest of the spec is ok - entry level Avid discs which are very good

depends where you intend to ride

what size bike you thinking of?

and to be honest if your going to buy when you get back to the UK then there will be better bargains in about Aug ready for the 2012 bikes release which is often about Sept/Oct

have you looked at On-One - the inbred and 456 are very good value for money and you get to choose your spec for similar money - and if or when you decide to trade up you will probably get more for something like an On One than the Kona

else speak to one of the bike shops that are associated with the forum - the guys here will be able to give you the details - and see what they have in the way of special offers/discounts etc - if you cant always get a great discount - often you might find that some shops/suppliers will include/discount some kit - helmets/gloves/shoes/pedals/camelbak - so saving some more cash

the other option would be find a nice second hand bike for a good price - probably a hardtail - whilst you learn riding off road and then sell it on for less of a loss when you decide to upgrade to either a better hardtail or try the full suspension route


18-05-2011, 13:05
The size of bike i know i need is a medium or 18" frame. After sitting on various bikes of various sizes it was the m/18" which just felt the most comfortable for me!

I definately want a hardtail to begin with too! Ive read that i could become a lazy rider with a full susser, as a hardtail is not as forgiving!

Cheers for the advice on the Kona, id rather have a top notch fork and lesser quality finishing gear than the other way round!

I do like the on-one frame! When i originally decided to get an mtb (just before i found out i was moving to Dubai) i planned to build one myself. I was looking at the On-One 456 frame or the Ragley Mmmbop, the mmmbop being my prefered choice! However, with no previous knowledge of building bikes, im kind of thinking an off the peg bike may well be best. Though my worry is i stick a load of cash on one, decide i should have built one how i wanted it and end up spending even more!

18-05-2011, 14:33
Ragley Blue pig ;) i'm very tempted by those

18-05-2011, 14:42
Can you bring some back duty free like ;)

Woollyback Paul
18-05-2011, 15:56
Get yourself back as soon as you can, the suns cracking the flags.

Oh, scrub that, it's pissing it down again.

18-05-2011, 16:23
As stupid as this sounds.....i miss it! ha ha ha!!! It is just too hot living in the desert lol! I cant cycle, which is a nightmare! So yeah, i honestly cant wait to get back to the UK!

18-05-2011, 16:43
And to top it of......im now planning on extending the budget after looking at the On-One 456's! Hmm.....but surely 1,100 is to much on my first mtb!

18-05-2011, 16:44
I'm sure someone in the club has a daft bike designed for riding on sand.... but it's not too hot at trail centres. :unsure:

18-05-2011, 17:15
...but surely 1,100 is to much on my first mtb!

:lol: I've bought a new bike every year since joining this club! lol......get your slush fund going, you'll need it!

Eric A
18-05-2011, 18:56
Zog, There's a ride this Thursday at Delamere forest if you can make it LOL.

Rumour has it there's a few just purchased tarmac bashers as wel as their MTB steeds, so you'll be in good company. C U in August

18-05-2011, 18:58
And to top it of......im now planning on extending the budget after looking at the On-One 456's! Hmm.....but surely 1,100 is to much on my first mtb!

Standard 456 is very versatile.
Most important thing to consider with a hardtail after the colour is ....
Frame material
Ali can be cheap and a harsh ride
Steel can be cheap comfy but heavier than ali.
Carbon - very much depends - my 456 is more comfortable than my steel frames but spoke with a guy last week who rode an Ibis tranny and it was harsher than ali.

25-07-2011, 07:07
Hey guys!

Im still lurking in the shadows, looking to get out with the club when i return! Just wondering if any decision has been made on when the newbie ride in August is likely to take place? Though im guessing as were still in July probably not! Im eager to get out and give it a go but will have to beg/steal/borrow my friends MTB as i dont own one........yet :ok: and hope that it can take the battering!!!

27-07-2011, 07:56
Well, all looks to be in order, 16" 456 on order! All my protective gear on order and a long weekend booked off for 19-22nd August (was meant to be going the V-Fest, but fell through, so may as well keep it off and have some fun on the new machine!) means ill be a happy chappy getting lost on some hills somewhere no doubt!

27-07-2011, 08:15
Dont think paying 1100 for a complete bike is a lot. There are members whose frames cost double that!

27-07-2011, 08:18
Dont think paying 1100 for a complete bike is a lot. There are members whose frames cost double that!

:good: That is exactly the way i have justified it to myself! When my best mate told me i was 'mental' i shown him some of the bikes i could have bought! Thing is, ive got the money too, so its not like im killing myself for the bike! Just cant wait to get home and get out on it now though! I really will look like the idiot with all the gear and no idea though! ha ha ha!!! :stars: