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23-05-2011, 10:07

my name is Simon, I am a keen mountain biker and I am interested especially in the thursday evening rides and occasional weekend rides. I have been mountain biking for years and I am a regular rider for both fitness and pleasure. Been upto the 7staines a number of times, frequently use the trail centres in Wales and also ride in the peaks a lot and go to delamere and winter hill for more local rides. I have also been to the alps downhilling and done a number of uplift days in the UK. Also done a few cross country races.

I was introduced to the woollybacks by one of your current members, Sean Stringer and I am looking forward to riding with you guys soon



23-05-2011, 10:37
Welcome :ok:

get yourself booked on the newbie ride, just been posted up.

23-05-2011, 10:45
Was hoping Sean could vouch for me, is this true?

23-05-2011, 10:57
Some menbers can, its up to the committe if they will take a vouch.

23-05-2011, 13:21
Hi Si, planning on doing this Thursdays Billinge Blast ride, so should be no problem coming along on this so long as I chaperone you (if I can keep up with you that is).


23-05-2011, 13:53
Was hoping Sean could vouch for me, is this true?

Yes a member can vouch for a non member to join, providing they have ridden with you and have experience of your fitness levels and ability. By the sounds of it you'll be flying anyway.

Arrange with Sean and if you do come along on Thursday then you just need a completed membership form and a crisp 10 note, and you are in, Newbie ride avoided!


23-05-2011, 17:44
See you Thurs, Si

- R

26-05-2011, 15:08
cheers all, see you later!


26-05-2011, 17:17
Oi, get your own user pic... 8-)