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27-06-2011, 18:14
I have been back into riding for a couple of months, have no idea how fit you guys are, or how fit I would need to be. I go local once a week places like Rivington, once or twice a month to Grizdale, or Gisburn. I get around Grizdale North face in just under 1 1/2 hours, hope this is somewhere near quick enough!! I am far from what I would say is fit and would expect to getting around 20 minutes faster than after another 5 or 6 rides.

Just looking for people who go further a field and share my passion for flogging themselves to death, and pick up a few tips and tricks along the way!

27-06-2011, 18:17
Welcome Rob

You've landed lucky finding us ;)

All new riders HAVE to go on a Newbie ride and I think there is one next month.

Also keep your eye open for NCR's (Non Club Rides)

And enjoy

Where are you based (roughy don't give your home address on the open forum)?

And what do you ride?

27-06-2011, 18:22
I am from Leigh, and am blasting around on a Scott Scale!

27-06-2011, 18:27
When are your newbie rides, or one I could tag along on?

27-06-2011, 18:30
RobI posted up the newbie ride for JulyLook under the rides section

27-06-2011, 18:32
Cheers pal, would I be ok taking a place on it?

27-06-2011, 18:34
Reply to the thread and u r in

27-06-2011, 18:48
Thanks, job done!

27-06-2011, 19:44
Now I had better buy a lot of bandages, plasters and painkillers!!