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09-10-2011, 20:44
Hi all,
Met some of your guys recently, when I was in Billinge woods with the kids on the push bikes. (sorry dont know who they were or whether they would read this). But got the name and Googled it from there; and here I am.

I'm from Orrell in Wigan and I have built a full sus stumpjumper from scratch this year - previously having an xc pro and have mountain biked inconsistently over the last few years. (llandegla type runs and general rides out in Wales?).

Class myself a reasonable fitness - have cycled all my life in one form or another and have been a motorbike racer amongst other things in the last few years, so hopefully not too unfamiliar with being on two wheels (oh no dont let that put you off :-)) but maybe not up to racing snake mountain bike standards. I have other hobbies such as hill walking, running, gym etc. However Im not sure after reading some of these threads where I fit in with the clubs fitness, so looking forward to a newbie ride when i can get out next. Hope to see you soon Mike...

Carlos McTavish
09-10-2011, 21:29
Hi Mike
It was Pete (Tong) and me (Carlos McTavish aka Steve) you met last week. As you've read up you'll need the newbie ride to do club rides but PM me and I'll give you details of one of our regular non club rides.
Look forward to seeing you out again Carlos

09-10-2011, 22:56
Thanks Carlos / Steve have Pm'd you already look forward to a ride out sometime :-)

10-10-2011, 17:51
How'do Neighbour ;)

10-10-2011, 19:14
Howdy lawman have already pmd you thanks for the invite to your rides out :-) what a friendly bunch you all are :)