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12-08-2012, 16:21

Joined this forum after a Google search and had a look around the forum and, well, it looks like a brilliant community!

I've been cycling since a very early age and my pride and joy is a Marin hard tail, something that is very close to my heart :)

Just thought I'd say hello :)

12-08-2012, 16:48
Aye up! Three of us were up your way yesterday, we did Swaledale (32 miles at a v slow pace). Where abouts are you based? We're hoping to do more riding in Yorkshire......

It's a great club so hopefully you'll be out on a ride soon..............

12-08-2012, 18:12
Hello Tracey :). I'm hoping to get riding more seriously in the near future! I'm in Sheffield so plenty of decent rides in the Derbyshire dales. Don't know if you know the area but there's a great route near Fox House Inn on the border between Sheffield and Derbyshire. There's a downhill section that's really good!

It's nice near Swaledale, always fancied cycling in the Dales. Is it practical for a beginner, not too technical is it?

12-08-2012, 20:14
Hi im originally from Barnsley but live in Wigan now.

My brother still lives in Barnsley so get over there as much as possible - Cant beat the peaks anyway best riding there is.

12-08-2012, 21:26
Hi Dave :)

There's a nice cycle path that goes through Barnsley, Route 67 it's called. Head's up near the North Yorks Moor, haven't tried the full length yet! Love the peaks, God was saving something special when he created it! :grin:

17-08-2012, 19:43
Ed, sorry about the short notice but a few of us are doing a Peaks ride Sunday (only 17 miles), slow pace cos I am regaining my fitness after an injury, if you are interested? Thought I would mention this with you living in Sheffield. If interested let me know and I'll PM (Private Message) the details. I don't like posting 'meet' details on the open forum for obvious reasons.