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22-09-2012, 20:05
just a quick hello just found this club through a mate (whitestumpy). I started cycling about a year ago to improve fitness but found that i really love it and have really got the bug. been looking for some new rides, i live in pemberton and have been going round haigh hall, rivvi, up to gisburn and llandegla but now fancy riding with other like minded people. cant wait to do a newbie ride!

22-09-2012, 20:09
I'm sure Mike will drag you out on an NCR (Non Club Ride)

Pringle Paul
22-09-2012, 21:18
A mate of Mike's is a mate of mine ( I assume that you share his passion for a pint?).

Look forward to seeing you out shortly.

Woollyback Paul
22-09-2012, 21:22

Mike's mates are infiltrating the club, i'll give it 6 months before people are bailing on rides as they have to attend an AA meeting.

Welcome to the club!

23-09-2012, 18:11
thanks for replies fellas yes i do like a pint too will have do get out for a ride soon (and a pint):grin:

23-09-2012, 18:25
Hello Paul (Pickwick?) welcome to the club - dont listen to them, their all a bunch of lightweights! :grin: No this is definately the place for you mate. Really genuine decent people, who'll give you loads of help - I'm sure youll love it - that's if you pass the daunting newbie ride ;) I'm pretty sure your fit enough as I keep driving past you in the pouring rain when your cycling to work :good:. Might be free one of the nights this week to get a few hours in - maybe Tuesday nights skyride? i'll text you - cheers Mike...

23-09-2012, 18:36
Hello from me too, from wot u say about where you have ridden so far, is exactly the places myself and a few others ride most saturdays as well as further afield and we are far from "very fit" haha and your more than welcome to join us on our rides, just keep an eye on the ride section as most ncr (non-club rides) are posted up there including our ones, cheers jimmy