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Thread: Rachel - completely new!

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    Quote Originally Posted by roger View Post

    any advice for Rachel?

    welcome Rachel

    Sorry about the slow reply, we were away on holiday for two weeks, then full on at work this past week. I did a reply mid-week but got bombed out of the internet.
    Rachel, the club has the full age range from the 20's to the 70's, with a whole range of fitness and abilities. You may be fitter than you think! If you are completely new to mountain biking, then as others have suggested, get yourself on a skills course (this will teach you the safe position on a bike), to hopefully avoid an OTB - over the bars, and trail centres are a good starting point, progressing through the graded trails.
    If you feel fit enough / confident enough then get yourself on an intro ride, to gauge where you're at?
    The official club rides tend to be done at quite a fast pace (too fast for me anyway) so lots of people (incl me) tend to do their own NCR (non club rides) at the pace of their choosing. We know a good (not too techie) route around Buxton, we could give you a shout next time we're planning a Peaks outing? Our pace is relaxed, plenty of stops, chat, photos, faff - we stay out as long as it takes, and always finish in the pub with a meal and well earned beer. You might feel like you're out with ''mum & dad'' though but welcome to join us.
    Welcome to the forum.
    Man Up!

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    +1 for delamere.

    Trails will be drying out soon.

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    Might be a bit further afield for you but cyclewise at whinlatter do ladies days skills days,you could make a weekend of it

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