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  1. Sunday 13 Oct Castleton and The Be

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    @Billy_bike @Wirralwhyte

    Photos on How it went section
  2. Sunday 8 Sept 2019 Rivington and Darwen

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    I will be riding Rivington on Sunday, probably going on to Darwen Tower to give a mix of climbs, rocky descents, road and bridleways. About 20 miles.

    Short notice but anyone welcome

    I will be parking at the lower barn at 9.15 for a 9.30 ride off. Park between lower and upper barn if lower car park is full.

    I will be riding my e bike, but at a pace suitable for other riders.

  3. Drone Footage Ride at Winter Hill June 23rd

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    Dear all
    We have an opportunity to have some drone footage done by a friend of mine, Chris. I've seen some of his videos and they are really superb. He is also a keen mountain biker and often takes his bike and drone/ Go Pro to film up in the Lakes and the like.

    This would be something we can put on YouTube and our site. It would help attract interest from other riders as well as being a lot of fun to do. Chris has a vision of doing a video 1-2 mins long, filled with punchy
  4. Bike packing - What's it all about?

    Several of you (some off the record) have asked me about bike packing.

    A couple of you have even entered the #JennRide in May 2017 to join 3 or 4 of us club members already signed up.

    If you have any questions simply ask myself or Zoomer, the following is a list of gear which i have fine tuned over the years that take I take and how I carry it. There are many ways and different cost levels which I'll try and list for you below.

    There are mainly 2 types of overnighter ...
  5. Kiwi's guide to Fat Bikes Nov 2015

    With another Fat Bike joining the club in the next few days......

    And another member asking for my help choosing which they need here's my quick guide to help any one who's "Fat Curious"

    1st off, you need to ask yourself what sort of riding is it that you want the Fat Bike for?

    Trails and/or hills
    Beach, sand dunes and/or touring?

    If you want both you will either need to compromise or buy 2 different Fat Bike, ...

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