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  2. Kiwi's photography course - it's free*

    How to get a photo similar to the one I took today of the Old Coach Road and one which I'm quote chuffed about how it came out.

    Step one

    Take lots of photos from all sorts of angles.

    Here's the original and not very interesting shot which I took looking down the tunnel of trees but from ground level to get the fallen leaves in shot.

  3. Old town to home, 24 hour photo bivi blog

    I was born in Leeds, hence my Liverpool - Leeds canal ride this year, but at the age of 7 our family moved to Stafford.

    So I thought a quick intercity 125 to Stafford and ride back.
    The problem was to find a traffic free route with off road sections took me over into Derbyshire.

    My bike set up

    Ride 1 - To the local train station - 1 mile

    Hop on the train, until ...

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  4. Sasquatch's first 1000 miles

    Since my first bivi bike ride I've been trying to find perfection in looking for a long distance, low maintenance, comfortable bike that can carry me and my kit.

    I've got 29er's and Fat bikes but I've never found perfection that was until I test rode my first 29er+ at Fat Forth in Scotland over 12 months ago in April 2013. It was here I rode a Surly Krampus for the first time, it felt just right for what I had in mind but was set up as a fun bike rather than a tourer, luckily for me ...
  5. Why?

    I recently rode the full length of the towpaths along the Leeds - Liverpool canal.

    Why? I live in Liverpool and ride short sections of it nearly every time I ride on my local trails as it runs straight through the village where I live so I use this rather than use the busy roads and because I was born in Leeds it would be good to ride to it rather than drive to it on the M62.

    I've thought about doing this ride for a few years now but never had the chance, bike, work, home ...

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