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  1. Micro Adventure

    At 3pm yesterday afternoon (20/7/13) I drove my loaded up car for a Micro Adventure.

    I headed off to Church Stretton and by 5pm I was riding my laidened bivi bike.

    The high gearing and heavy load had me pushing up a ride I normally ride up

  2. A new style of cycling adventure

    After selling my road bike most of you thought I bought my Planet X XLS CycloCross bike as a Strava bike, but after getting used to riding a drop bar bike off road, building up my off road mileage and hours in the saddle including yesterdays 82mile cycle path ride it's time to come clean and let you know the main reason that I got it for (not that you care, but you've read this far so you might be slightly interested)

    As most of you know I bivi ride several times a year but you can't ...
  3. Off the saddle and on me feet.... Running

    Thought I'd blog my attempt to run a 10k, or as I like to say, half a half marathon.
    The date for the StHelens 10k is early March and a non cycling friend has pursuaded me to have a go.
    I read the Run Fat Boy Run thread and thought I'd follow the Couch to 5k format hoping that my cycling fitness will help me reach the 10k distance in the same training period.
    I downloaded and printed the regime, bought a pair of trainers and intended to start this morning at 6am.
    I overslept ...
  4. lego! lego! lego!...

    I have got about 30kgs of lego for sale, probably well over £1000 worth if was not jumbled, offers by the kgs, as a guide on ebay it is going for approx £10/15 per kg and sometimes a bit more. In the boxs theire are lego peices from sets not even built anymore and peices from new lego sets like: Lego city, Lego space police, Lego indiana jones and manymore. Also theire are lego men sold separately if you just want them.



  5. Kinesis Maxlight XCpro3 Frame

    Iíve had a few problems with the Kinesis XCpro3 frame and decided share my issues with others to save them some pain. Iíve tried to resolve these issues with Upgrade bikes but they have simply not responded to email or phone calls.

    Why the Kinesis?
    Iíve been XC racing on a 05 Specialized FSR for 4 seasons and decided that I would be more competitive on a XC race specific hardtail. ...
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