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How to get a photo similar to the one I took today of the Old Coach Road and one which I'm quote chuffed about how it came out.

Step one

Take lots of photos from all sorts of angles.

Here's the original and not very interesting shot which I took looking down the tunnel of trees but from ground level to get the fallen leaves in shot.

Using your editing software, I use a free downloaded on called found here

Step two

Crop the original photo to make it come alive, I cropped the original photo here

Using the rule of thirds
examples here

I cropped the original photo to get the required shot as marked below.

I then edited with a tweak here and a tweak there to finish with this.

Now if I can take a good shot so can everyone.

If your photography improves slightly because of this blog * I'll have a pint next time we're out.
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  1. JohnClimber's Avatar
    A shot from a recent Sutton Manor ride that a lot of you commented on saying how much you liked it, but showing the grid lines to help explain the "rule of thirds" where your eye's automatically look at in a photo.

    Simple eh?
    Updated 19-10-2014 at 20:35 by JohnClimber
  2. JohnClimber's Avatar
    Here's one from the tower at Rivington looking south, showing that the church is the focus point on the top right.

    I took it with my pocket camera and edited a little bit, I'm quite chuffed how it's come out
  3. Shaw-review's Avatar
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