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    If you would like any further information about the club, the type of riding we do or to join the club please do not hesitate to contact us by email (below) or log onto the forum and introduce yourself. we really are a friendly group who make newcomers very welcome.

    by Published on 12-10-2010 11:57

    Well what a difference a year makes, last year when we did this event the conditions were perfect, this year couldn’t have been a more different picture. The weather was changeable, that was it changed from heavy rain to very heavy rain at various points during the day. Not once did the sun show itself.

    Meeting at the school, our intrepid band of brave / stupid (delete as appropriate) Woollies joined up and registered for the event. Riders were: Clone, Knotty, Chris Watson, Carrot, Noddy, MLiptrot, Ste B, and me. We sat in the school with the rain hammering off the glass roof, and contemplated what we were letting ourselves in for. Eventually we put our race numbers on (although it is not a race!) and formed up ready for the off, it was clear that the conditions had put a lot of people off entering and the field of riders was much smaller than last year.
    by Published on 12-10-2010 11:56

    This famous and historic ride for the club (it was published in an article on the club in MBR in Feb 04) certainly lives up to its name and reputation.
    20 riders up for the challenge were: Neil, Roger, Eric, Spesh, Tyre Kicker, Tracey, Al, Chunk, Sidge, Steve Wiganer, Muddy Rider, Steve Busy Fool, John Retro boy, Georgina and her friend, Jonesy, Pands, Red Rooster, Terry and myself.
    Heading for hope for the start point in Castleton the area was shrouded in thick fog, which cleared ominously as the morning progressed, the scenery is truly spectacular and conditions were fine and dry. Tyres were prodded, bikes were readied and armour was donned even by riders that don’t normally wear it, an ominous sign, then off we set.
    by Published on 12-10-2010 11:55

    The 12 riders were: Roger, Tyre Kicker, Tracey, Geoff, Rambo, Chunk, Sidge, Paddler, Muddy Rider, Jonny P, Silverscoob and Myself.
    The route started rather ominously as we seemed to be driving towards the cloud and rainy skies however the worry proved unfounded as excellent conditions ensued. The ride started from the lovely village of Pateley Bridge, after a bit of faff and much prodding and poking and lifting! Of Tyre’s new super bike off we set.
    by Published on 12-10-2010 11:54

    Fifteen Woollybacks met up at Castleton car park – Tyre Kicker, Tracey, Eric, Santacruz, Rooster, Hendy, Hemlock, WN6ER, CHUNK, Bazza, Johnny P, Sidge , Turnerkid , Pieman and me. Talk of the Alps lot taking it easy was left in the car park.
    Ride off (9.30) was a little later than expected due to gimp suits , new tops and other body armour that had to be adorned.
    by Published on 12-10-2010 11:53

    Seventeen Woollies set off on the Blackstone Edge figure of eight - In attendance were Kiwi (Ride Leader) , Phil, Hemlock, Tyre Kicker, Tracey, Sidge (still son of Kiwi) , Hellsbells, Silverscoob, Rooster, Wellsy, Pieman, Artillery Dave, Hendy, Turner Kid, FizBomb , Red Rooster and me.
    SHOCK HORROR - yes a Sunday ride without a committee member - is this allowed?
    Ride commenced a little later than expected with Red Rooster turning up late / getting lost - in true Wollyback tradition we waited - well for bit and then blasted up the Roman Road climb.
    by Published on 12-10-2010 11:40  Number of Views: 12371 

    Welcome to the website of the Woollybacks Mountain Bike Club.

    The club started with a handful of enthusiasts in 1992 based in St Helens but now draws its membership from all over the North West of England.

    There is tons of riding going on, midweek night rides and weekends too. These take place in all the best locations in the North West including the Peaks, the Lakes, North Wales, The Pennines and Cheshire too.

    The club has a wealth of routes experience built up over the years, and members have access to a store of GPS routes from our website.

    We also organises weekends away to top riding spots around the country, and enjoy foreign trips to Europe too to sample the top riding spots there too.

    The forum is where we organise ourselves, so feel free to post up and introduce yourself.

    The club is not a business, but is run by riders for riders, with a small committee to keep the club on track and serve the needs of its members, and yearly subs of £10 to meet running costs.

    We look forward to seeing you out on a ride with us, as long as you are over 18.

    1.The Club shall be known as The Woollybacks Mountain Bike Club, and shall be affiliated to the Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC)

    2. The management of the Club shall be by an annually elected committee, elected at the AGM.

    3.1 The Committee shall serve the needs of the Club, and currently (2016) consists of Chairman + Ride Coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary, IT Coordinator, Equipment Officer, Newbie Ride Coordinator, and GPS routes Coordinator.

    3.2 During its year of office the committee may appoint additional committee members as the need arises, and may appoint replacements should a member resign part way through the year. These changes will be subject to re-election at the AGM (rule 2).

    3.3 Committee decisions shall be made on a majority basis. Where appropriate, an issue may be open to discussion by all members to gauge opinion.

    3.4 The committee section of the website shall be used to conduct committee business. Additionally the committee may call a committee meeting if that is considered appropriate.

    3.5 Any alteration to the rules shall be made by a majority committee decision, and members shall be informed .

    3.6 Any matter not provided for in these rules shall be dealt with by the committee, whose decision shall be binding on all parties

    3.7 A Special General Meeting may be called by the committee upon the receipt of a request signed by seven members, subject to at least seven days notice. An Agenda for the Special General Meeting shall be made available to all members. Alternatively this procedure may be conducted via the website.

    4.1 The AGM shall be held in January or February, and at least 7 days notice shall be given to members via the website.

    4.2 The annual subscription fee shall be set at the AGM.

    4.3 The Club’s financial year shall commence on the 1st January and end on the 31st December of the same year. The Treasurer shall prepare a balance sheet and present it at the AGM

    4.4 In the event that the club ceases to exist or is wound down, then all assets owned by the club shall be donated to local schools or community.


    5.1 Any rider wishing to join the club can sign up for a Newbie Ride advertised on the open forum, and may join if the ride leader assesses him/her as being of a suitable standard.

    5.2 Any rider who has signed up for a Newbie Ride (5.1) shall hand a completed membership form to the ride leader at the start of the newbie ride, then, following successful completion of the ride, pay the annual fee and complete the members details form online located here

    5.3 any member may, with the ride leader’s agreement, invite a non-member on an official club ride as a guest, provided he/she will vouch for the non-member. The non-member may then join the club if a suitable standard has been demonstrated. The non-member may ride on a maximum of 2 official club rides as a guest, but thereafter must join the club.

    5.4 any member may, with the committee’s approval, support a membership application from a non –member provided the member can vouch for his/her suitability. This applies in the case of non-members who have ridden non-club rides (NCRs), or other informal rides.

    5.5 returning members (i.e. a rider who wishes to renew membership after a lapse of a year or more) must do a club ride or non-club ride to establish a suitable standard, and submit a membership form and membership fee before being allowed access to the members-only section of the forum

    5.6 To renew a membership, members must pay the membership fee, and re-enter their details on line so that the contact list can be kept up to date. located here

    5.7 Any member not paying his/her subscription within four weeks of the 1st January in each year shall be deemed to have resigned. They will forfeit all rights and privileges accruing from membership of the Club.

    5.8 New members joining after the 30th September of any year shall be entitled to all privileges of full membership up to the 31st December in the following year.

    5.9 Members shall be liable to expulsion for unseemly conduct. The Committee reserves the right to strike a member’s name off the Club’s membership list.

    5.10 Members must be over 18 years of age.



    6.2 Members must observe the Club's Mountain Bike Code of Conduct:
    - be aware of access issues
    - respect the environment: avoid causing damage, leave no litter, close all gates.
    - be considerate to other trail users, give an audible warning and be prepared to slow down or stop.

    6.3 Members must be self-sufficient and carry the equipment recommended by the club and ride leader.

    6.4 Passengers are expected to pay a fair share of the driver’s fuel costs and parking charges.

    6.5 Members and guests participate in all events at their own risk without liability to the Club, its officials or ride leaders, for loss , damage, injury or accident however caused