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Thread: Light Recommendations

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    Light Recommendations

    Hi all,

    Currently don't have any lights, any recommendations for something that doesn't break the bank but allows me to see more than the air directly infront of the light itself
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    Funnily enough someone asked the exact same question in the members part of the forum. Copy & pasted my reply.

    If you want a UK seller so you get your item before it goes dark then I highly recommend this eBay seller:

    I've had plenty from him over the years (as have a few other members) and it's all been good. On the one occasion something went wrong it was immediately replaced.

    As a general note it's the batteries that matter not the light unit. Invest in good 4 or 6 cell batteries. My favourite light unit is actually a cheap Chinese 5 LED one i got off eBay but the battery that came with it was junk. The guy above sells battery packs on their own.

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    I'll have a prod around cheers ��

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