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Thread: How to join the club

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    How to join the club

    The simplest way to join up is to post up that you are interested in joining the club and members should come along and invite you to local training rides we do. This is the most simple way into the club. Most of these rides will take place of an evening, so you'll need good quality off road lights to join in.

    The main business of the club is dealt with on
    the Members Only Forum
    - you need to join the club to access this.

    • Other parts of the Members Forum discuss a range of topics: ‘How it went’ (for comments on the rides we have done), Club Business, General Topics, Injured List, Events, Technical issues, and much more.

    • Private Messages (pm’s). Website users can send a pm privately to selected user(s).

    How to join

    • The Introduce Yourself section below is for newcomers to introduce themselves. Existing members are very welcoming, and respond in a friendly and encouraging way, giving advice and information about the club. You should tell people your name, give a rough idea of where you're from, the type of riding you have done so far etc. Please remember that this is an open forum so you should keep personal information to a minimum. Introduce yourself here:

    • If a non-member already knows an existing member, he/she can be invited out by the member and get to know the club before joining. The member can recommend (vouch for) their membership.
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    If paying anything, don't forget to pm me with details, what it is for, and by what method. Cheers.

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